Life Skills Center

New Hope ABA now offers a "home away from home" inside of our Fredericksburg clinic, where clients can learn how to do independent living skills such as making a bed, managing laundry (sorting, folding, hanging, ironing, putting away), organizing personal materials, vacuuming, and dusting. Clients can also practice skills related to food preparation, cooking, and cleaning up in our full kitchen. Using supports individualized to the client, we teach everything from meal planning, to shopping for food, to preparing food for the week the come. 

At the Life Skills Center, we have the benefit of working in a  controlled environment and there is no pressure on caregivers to create extra opportunities for the client to practice these skills. The environment has reduced distraction and eliminates the interruption of daily family routines in the home. 

Our "New Hope Market" also afford clients the opportunity to learn a variety of skills related to the market. From a life skills perspective, we work on shopping with a budget, getting correct change, putting back items, and finding things quickly in the store. From a job readiness perspective, we work on stocking, organizing, giving correct change, appropriate demeanor, ordering more supplies, and more.